Choose your cat or dog preferred food from our wide range of quality products.

Decide how often you would like your cat food delivered, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
I will personally deliver your pet food directly to your door on the selected day that you have chosen.

If you need to stop your subscription you will be able to do this at anytime, just allow a minimum of 48 hours cancellation.

How it works
By using our subscription ordering, you can get your cat food delivered, with ease, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. No more missed orders, or racking your brain to remember.

Have your favourite cat or dog food available at all times.

Your delivery will always arrive, without fail, on a regular basis, without so much as the touch of a button…..makes sense?

Do you want an easier life? Then set up your subscription ordering NOW, it’s simple to do.

1. Select your product.

2. Choose Repeat duration.

3. Checkout as normal.

4. You’ll get regular orders.


Deeping Rawlicious offers free local deliveries up to a 10miles radius of Deeping St James or free collection.

I then charge 40p extra per mile if you live more than 10 miles away from Deeping.

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