PURRFORM Venison & Farmed Rabbit meat and Ground Bone with Rabbit Liver is a complete natural pet food for adult cats that contains nothing more than the ingredients listed.


Venison & Farmed Rabbit meat and Ground Bone with Rabbit Liver

Although cats would never hunt deer, wild venison is very close nutritionally to a cat’s natural prey.
Venison is low in fat, high in protein. However, as it is also low in phosphorus, it is ideal in assisting cats with kidney disease.
Commonly, low protein diets are prescribed for cats with kidney failure, but the main reason for this is because raw meat is generally high in phosphorus, which in itself, can be a problem for cats with this condition. So when feeding a cat which has kidney failure, look at the phosphorus content.
Venison, therefore, offers a suitable solution, as it is low in phosphorus but high in protein, which is better for your obligate carnivore than giving a low protein diet!
As a novel protein (meat that is not commonly found in pet food) venison and rabbit meat are both good for cats with allergic conditions

Minced Venison & Farmed Rabbit, Ground Bone with Liver (Adult Cat)

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  • 60% Minced Venison, 30% Minced Farmed Rabbit with Ground Bone, 10% Rabbit Liver.