PURRFORM Pigeon and Ground Bone with Rabbit Liver is a complete natural pet food for adult cats that contains nothing more than the ingredients listed.


Pigeon and Ground Bone with Rabbit Liver

Pigeon meat, ground bone and rabbit liver can be given as an alternative to other fowl meat such as chicken or turkey. Pigeon and Rabbit are considered novel proteins which means that your cat is much less likely to have been exposed to these ingredients before, which helps with food allergies or food intolerances. This flavour is, therefore, a natural hypoallergenic.

Pigeon, like other novel proteins (e.g. Venison & Rabbit), can provide an alternative protein source for your cat.  Novel proteins like Pigeon can be used to add variety to a pet’s diet and reduce the chances of an allergic reaction, when used as part of a protein rotation meal, along with other PurrForm flavours.

Minced Pigeon & Ground Bone with Rabbit Liver (Adult Cat)

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  • 90% Minced Pigeon with ground bone,  10% Rabbit Liver.